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Zombie Eschatology 喪屍末世錄

Military madman fired a nuclear bomb.
That caused The Third World War.
The world has been destroyed.
And the nuclear variation has occurred.
Human has become nuclear zombies.
Animals have also mutated because of the nuclear power.
The climate has been irregular.
The endless night is about to start.
How will you survive ?

1. sandbox, survive, roguelike
2. zombie warriors like
3. low poly blood art
4. build, search, destroy
5. save the survivors or fight against them.
6. be good or evil.

Published Feb 09, 2017
StatusIn development
TagsLow-poly, Zombies


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rotate title

new light effect.

Zombie Eschatology 喪屍末世錄 - demo - 7

add more zombies, vehicles, items, trees...

Flame Thrower

1. add RPG Launcher

2. add loom And Flares effect

3. add dark smoke

add Bombed buildings.

add Bombed buildings.

add big sphere bomb.

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thank you for watching... :D